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Asriel the God of Hyperdeath
Defeated Undertale. The battle with Asriel was so much fun! I would reset if it wasn't for the feels and the whole knowledge of the timelines. However, this game is worth it, especially since I played the pacifist route. I highly recommend this game!
Onyxaria (Official dragonsona)
So I made a new design of Onyxaria, giving her a more "me" feel than WoW. I guess you can say is that this is the real version of her, but with a WoW version. I combined a NightWing with a D&D black dragon. I added the NightWing silver scale and wing markings to show her ability to travel (and see) through time. The wing markings are from the Prince of Persia videogame series since I grew up playing those games. I also choose the D&D black dragon from two guide books that my aunt had that fascinated me since I was a little demon child.
- UB-01. Code name: "Symbiont." Properly known as Nihilego. There have been sightings reported of this beast in Aloa"s past. Its most distinctive feature is its parasitic capability. When Nihilego latches on to a host, it does not manipulate its actions directly. Rather it awakens the host"s own capabilities and boosts to an extreme extent in order to protect itself. It injects the host with a sort of neurotoxin to atchice this effect. This neurotoxin of Nihilego"s is incredibly stimulating and inspires feeling of extreme excitment and a lack of inhibition in its host. In other words, anything or anyone that has a Nihilego latches on will have its native skills forcibly activated to their fullest exent and will then act at is naturally desires to.
- UB-02. Code name: "Beauty." Properly known as Pheromosa. This UB was sighted for the first time following the incidents at Aether Foundation. This UB can reach speeds exceeding 120 mph in just an instant. This speed is greater than any other living creature that has been discovered to date. But its most distinctive features may in fact be its beauty and its powerful pheromones. Most any creature that squares off against a Pheromosa becomes confused, as if struck by the beast's beauty, and loses the will to fight. It is still a subject of research, but it's thought that Pheromosa may possess some sort of organ able to produce a pheromonal substance previously unknown to science.
- UB-03. Code name: "Lighting." Properly known as Xurkitree. This UB was sighted for the first time folowing the incidents at Aether Foundation. Its most distinctive feature is an organ that can generate power. This UB's bodily makeup is highly reminiscent of electric wiring, thus enabling it to conduct electricity with great effciency. It can discharge as much as a million volts of power at a time. When it begins to run out of power, it stabs its legs and tail into the soil, entering a treelike state as it absorbs electricity from the ground.
- UB-04. Code name: "Blaster." Properly known as Celesteela. This UB was sighted for the first time following the incidents at Aether Foundation. Its most distinctive feature is the energy that it stores withi itself, a flammable gas that it can shoot from its huge two arms. This is mostly used to propel itself in flight and for battle, but it is thought o have sufficient power and lift to even fly in space. its bodily construction closely resembles that of a plant, and it absorbs nutrients from the soil.
- UB-05. Code name: "Glutton." Properly known as Guzzlord. This UB has been sighted in the Aloa region in the past as well, according to our reports. It seems it was targeted by the International Police in a top-secret mission at the time. Its most distinctive feature is its limitless appetite. It feeds withoutpause every moment that it is awake. It uses the two large tongues that protrude from its mouth to catch and devour everything it its path, be it organic of inorganic matter. And while it eats suchas inordinate amount, Guzzlord excreta has never been discovered. It is thought that it might fully convert the things it eats into energy for it to use.

NOTE: I know I am missing UB-02 Absorbtion and UB-04 Blade, for these two are in Sun and I only have Moon


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Sharon Kleinhenz
Artist | Student | Other
United States
I'm still experiencing practice and difficulty on computer drawings. I like Dragons, which is why i study Dragonology, cats and wolves. i'm also a Mormon, so i really don't like serious cussing. Plus i'm REALLY nervous about showing my art, so please don't make fun of me.


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